Photographing Spoonbills-Wildlife Photography

Wildlife Photography – Photographing Spoonbills. For the first time (to my knowledge) there are nesting spoonbills at a local wetland where I live in Essex, which is absolutely marvellous. Spoonbills are a large wetland bird with a huge spoon-like bill, hence the name. They really are a fantastic bird to photograph and have been on my list of birds I … Read More

Creative Use of Shutter Speed

One of the joys of photographing a moving subject is that you can record it in a completely natural way or to take a step away from reality by using a slow shutter speed. A fast shutter speed will freeze any movement present in the scene. So if you are photographing crashing waves against a cliff for example, every water … Read More

Coastal Photography

I have been spending a fair amount of time on the coast recently. I think coastal locations offer so many options for photographers. Indeed the thing I like most is the fact that the coast is such a dynamic, changing environment. From sweeping landscape compositions to close-up detail pictures, there’s something for every photographer to get stuck into. Of course … Read More

Macro Photography

Early summer is a fantastic time to have a go at macro and close-up photography.  Many flowers are coming into full bloom and insects are emerging. I love dusting down my macro lens and getting out to photograph butterflies and dragonflies. When it comes to photographing insects, using a long focal length such as a 100-400mm zoom lens can also … Read More