Creative Use of Shutter Speed

One of the joys of photographing a moving subject is that you can record it in a completely natural way or to take a step away from reality by using a slow shutter speed.

A fast shutter speed will freeze any movement present in the scene. So if you are photographing crashing waves against a cliff for example, every water droplet will be frozen in time.

If on the other hand you wish to blur the movement of your subject a slower shutter speed is required. I particularly like this technique when photographing moving water. It might be a fast moving waterfall or slow moving waves around a derelict jetty.  Either way the effect can be fantastic.


There are many factors we need to consider when deciding on what shutter speed will either freeze or blur the motion of our subject. Why not have a look at my Intermediate course where all the variables that control how motion is portrayed are covered, along with many other photography subjects such as controlling depth of field, understanding light and colour, composition, photographic filters and much more.