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Courses Overview

This website contains all my online lessons and courses. Many hours have been invested in producing video lessons plus extensive back up pdf notes covering a wide range of subjects.

My online courses consist of a number of lessons with back-up pdf notes. The courses also include practical projects for you to complete and then send to us for a constructive critique. Also included is tutor support from us for however long it takes you to complete the course. There is no time limit.

There are a number of different courses available so you can pick a course that that is appropriate for either your level of photography knowledge or the type of photography you are interested in.


There's only so much photography we can do at home, being able to stream the videos straight to your mobile phone or tablet enables you to study the course while out and about, you can pause and replay any part while in the middle of taking a photo, setting up your camera, or refer back for light reading settings or ISO speeds, the list goes on...


You may not want to use up your data while roaming outside and watching our streaming videos, perhaps you're exploring and may not even be able to get a signal, no problem! You're also able to download our videos straight to your phone or tablet at home using your WiFi, then you can watch them wherever you like, without any need for a phone signal at all!