Coastal Photography

I have been spending a fair amount of time on the coast recently. I think coastal locations offer so many options for photographers.

Indeed the thing I like most is the fact that the coast is such a dynamic, changing environment. From sweeping landscape compositions to close-up detail pictures, there’s something for every photographer to get stuck into.

Of course one of the best aspects to focus on is the movement of the sea’s waves. This means we can use a variety of shutter speeds to capture that movement. I love using a slow shutter speed to create blurred movement of the waves. If there are stormy conditions with huge crashing waves then a fast shutter speed might be the right option to capture all that energy.

When shooting with a slow shutter speed, depending on the light levels at the time, a neutral density filter might be needed to avoid over-exposure.

If you are planning a trip to the coast it might be worth taking a look at my online intermediate photography course which covers composition, use of filters, creative use of shutter speed and creative use of depth of field, plus much more. Lessons available to be downloaded or streamed.