Macro Photography

Early summer is a fantastic time to have a go at macro and close-up photography.  Many flowers are coming into full bloom and insects are emerging.

I love dusting down my macro lens and getting out to photograph butterflies and dragonflies. When it comes to photographing insects, using a long focal length such as a 100-400mm zoom lens can also be a good option.

A long zoom lens will not give a true life-size reproduction of a small subject such as a dragonfly but nevertheless a good close-up image can be achieved. The advantage of using a long zoom is the fact that you can photograph insects that are resting in areas where it’s really hard to gain access to, such as the middle of thick brambles or the edge of a riverbank. With a macro lens you need to be a few inches away from the subject. By using a longer lens we can stand further away from the insect we are photographing.

When shooting flowers the challenge of getting close enough to the subject isn’t normally a problem so a macro lens is normally the best option.

If you are interested in macro or close-up photography why not check out my video lesson on macro photography.