Nature Photography Course

Course Description

This photography course will show you how to photograph the natural world's wildlife, both big and small.

There is a lesson on wildlife photography which looks at both the technical aspects of wildlife photography such as correct exposure and focus as well as the artistic side of photography. How to use light and colour as well as creating good compositions for wildlife photography.

The second lesson looks at macro photography. Again in this lesson we look at the technical side such as controlling depth of field, focusing, shutter speeds as well as composition for macro photography, what type of light is right for macro photography.

There is also an in-depth lesson on exposure. If the exposure is incorrect it doesn’t matter how good the wildlife or macro image is the picture will lack impact. This lesson will ensure you get the exposure of each image spot on time after time.

- Steve Hedges LMPA. LRPS

Steve Hedges

Video Lesson Descriptions


This lesson looks at all aspects of wildlife photography. How to get an in-focus image, focus modes, avoiding camera shake, depth of field, finding wildlife to photography, field craft, using a photography hide, equipment for wildlife photography, shutter speeds, ISO, the best exposure modes for wildlife photography, creating a good composition for wildlife photography and how to make your subject stand out and create mood by using the right quality of light. By the end of this lesson you will have the tools to create brilliant wildlife images.

80 mins


Macro photography is a really interesting branch of photography which requires patience and an eye for detail.

In this lesson we will discuss all aspects of macro photography such as the equipment needed for macro photography, controlling depth of field, increasing depth of field using focus stacking, the best light for macro photography, using flash both on and off the camera for macro photography,
as well as the more artistic side of macro photography such as composition.

Macro photography is a fascinating branch of photography. There are literally subjects everywhere to be photographed from the home and garden to further afield. After completing this lesson you will be in a position to photograph animals, insect and flowers in minute detail to create really eye catching images.

60 mins

Lesson 3: EXPOSURE

Getting the correct exposure is fundamental to creating a good quality image. In this lesson we look at all the aspects required to achieve that aim.

Exposure modes such as aperture priority, shutter priority and full manual exposure are fully explained. Metering options such as spot, multi pattern and centre- weighted. The exposure histogram, 18% reflectance and how it affects the camera’s light meter. Exposing for a light subject, exposing for a dark subject and taking an integrated exposure reading will also be covered in great detail.

By the time you have completed this lesson you will have a thorough understanding of how to achieve the correct exposure time after time.

60 mins

Tutor Support

Along with the video lessons this course also includes projects to be completed which you would then email to me for a constructive critique. Photography is a practical subject so I think the projects add an important practical element to this course.

Throughout the duration of the course I will be available to answer any questions you might have about the course material. Again, I think this is an important part of the course.

- Steve Hedges LMPA. LRPS

Steve Hedges

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