High Dynamic Range Photography HDR

Lesson Description “ There are times when the camera’s digital sensor cannot record the whole range of light tones in the image. There will be either under or over-exposure. There are two ways around this problem. Sometimes an ND graduated filter can be used. It’s not always possible to use an ND grad though. This is where the HDR technique … Read More

Head & Shoulders Portraits

Lesson Description “ This lessons looks at everything you need to know in order to take head and shoulder portraits. What type of lighting? Daylight or studio lighting is explored in detail. What type and style of background? How to pose the model, how to create the right atmosphere and mood for the image, how to interact with your model … Read More


Lesson Description “ This lesson looks at the useful photographic filters available and how to use them. Graduated ND filters, ND filters, polarizing filters, UV filters are all discussed along with the merits of the screw in filters and filter systems. This lesson consists of a 20 minute video plus PDF backup notes. – Steve Hedges LMPA. LRPS ” Lesson … Read More


Lesson Description “ Getting the correct exposure is fundamental to creating a good quality image. In this lesson we look at all the aspects required to achieve that aim. Exposure modes such as aperture priority, shutter priority and full manual exposure are fully explained. Metering options such as spot, multi pattern and centre- weighted. The exposure histogram, 18% reflectance and … Read More

Developing The Photographer’s Eye

Lesson Description “ This lesson is about the thought process behind creating an image that quite literally leaps off the frame; one that has real impact. By using a repeatable workflow you will learn how to make the right technical choices for each image as well as Identifying the right compositional tools to use to create a dynamic image. How … Read More

Creating a Digital Panoramic Image

Lesson Description “ There are occasions when a single frame will not do the subject justice. These are the times to shoot a digital panoramic image which involves taking a number of images and stitching them together in a post -production software package such as Adobe Photoshop. In this lesson I will show you how to take a number of … Read More

Controlling Depth of Field Hyper Focal Focusing

Lesson Description “ Controlling depth of field is a key skill for the photographer. In this lesson we look at this subject in detail. All the factors controlling depth of field will be explained along with hyper focal focussing, finding the “sweet spot” of a lens and how diffraction affects the image. – Steve Hedges LMPA. LRPS ” Lesson Example … Read More

Artificial Light

Lesson Description “ This lesson concentrates on the camera’s built in flash unit or the hot shoe mounted portable flash guns that can be fitted to the top of our cameras. In this in-depth lesson we look at flash modes (1st curtain sync, 2nd curtain sync, slow sync, anti- red eye), flash synchronisation, flash metering options, flash compensation, fill flash, … Read More

Architecture Photographing Buildings

Lesson Description “ Photographers have been taking pictures of buildings since the first days of photography. In this lesson we will cover all aspects of photographing architecture. Understanding perspective: both vertical and horizontal perspective, how to avoid vertical linear perspective distortion (stopping a building from looking like it’s falling over), tilt and shift lenses, understanding how vanishing points affect the … Read More

Photoshop Lesson 1

Lesson Description “ Converting raw files. This lesson covers the basic first tab of the raw file converter. In a later lesson I look at the other tabs and tools of this powerful piece of software. How to straighten a building as well as cloning are also looked at in detail. – Steve Hedges LMPA. LRPS ” Lesson Example Taster … Read More