Beginner Lesson 1

Beginner lesson 1

Lesson Description “ This lesson covers the auto focus options found on today’s cameras. Focus modes such as single AF, continuous AF and AF auto focus area are discussed along with how and when to use the various auto focus points on the camera. We will discuss when using single AF and a single auto focus point is the right … Read More

Beginner Lesson 2

Lesson Description “ In this lesson we look at how to take a well exposed image. Exposures modes such are aperture priority and shutter priority are explained in detail, the exposure histogram and exposure compensation are covered along with exposure metering options such as spot metering, multi pattern metering and centre weighted metering. We also look at how and why … Read More

Beginner Lesson 3

Lesson Description “ In this lesson subjects covered are white balance and the effect they have on the image, file formats and their pros and cons, shutter release modes ,noise reduction and long exposure noise reduction modes, colour space and last but not least D lighting sometimes referred to as light optimisation. – Steve Hedges LMPA. LRPS ” Lesson Example … Read More

Wildlife Photography

Lesson Description “ Capturing the perfect wildlife image requires skill and patience. In this lesson we will look at all the technical skills required to capture that moment of fleeting action along with field craft, photography hides, composition, and lighting. Focus modes for wildlife photography, exposure modes (manual exposure verses shutter priority or aperture priority). ISO will be explained thoroughly. … Read More

Still Life Product Photography

Lesson Description “ Setting up a home studio need not be an expensive undertaking. In this lesson we look at the equipment required to take professional creative still- life images. The resulting pictures may be for a paying client, an ebay business or the creative joy of taking a fantastic photograph. The process is the same regardless of the reason … Read More

Night Photography

Lesson Description “ In this lesson we look at all aspects of night photography from photographing buildings at night to capturing light trails and painting with light which involves using a long exposure and an artificial light source. In this lesson these technique is fully explained using an outside location and also using a subject in an inside location. Exposure … Read More

Macro Photography

Lesson Description “ Macro photography is a wonderful l area of photography where even the most mundane objects can make remarkable photographs. In this lesson all the equipment and techniques required to take successful macro images will be covered in detail. What is a macro photograph? What equipment is needed for macro photography? Lighting for macro photography, using supplementary flash … Read More

Light & Colour

Lesson Description “ This lesson covers the creative potential of light and colour. There is no such thing as bad light; you just need to match the right light to right subject. We will discuss the quality of light, the direction of light and the colour temperature of light plus looking at what type of light will work for a … Read More

Lens Shutter & Aperture

Lesson Description “ This lesson will show you how to use focal length creatively. How to use a wide angle lens to create a dynamic composition or how to use a telephoto lens to really focus attention on your subject. Depth of field is an enormously important photographic tool; we cover this subject in depth. What shutter speed we choose … Read More

How to Use Studio Lighting

Lesson Description “ As the name suggests this lesson demonstrates how to use both types of studio lighting: continuous and flash lighting. We take a look at what equipment is available including what lighting accessories can be used to modify the light source. The use of lighting umbrellas (brollies) soft boxes and snoots will be explained. How to set up … Read More