Beginner Photography Course

Course Description “ This course consists of three video lessons adding up to over one and a half hours’ of content and a comprehensive set of PDF notes. It covers all the important camera controls such as exposure modes, aperture and shutter priority, exposure histogram, exposure compensation, white balance, focus modes, area focus modes, metering modes, ISO, release modes, noise … Read More

Intermediate Photography Course

Course Description “ This course is a good choice to follow on from the beginner photography course. In it we look at the creative side of photography in great detail. You will learn how to craft a photograph that has impact and mood through the use good photographic technique and a thorough understanding of light and colour. – Steve Hedges … Read More

Advanced Photography Course

Course Description “ In this course we take an in-depth look at a number of diverse photographic subjects. This really is a wide ranging course. We cover photographic genres such as wildlife photography, macro photography, night photography, head-and-shoulders portraits, how to pose groups, how to use studio lighting, still life/product photography, creating a digital panoramic image, location portraiture, high dynamic … Read More

Full Online Distance Learning Photography Course


Course Description “ This distance learning photography course is based on a number of classroom photography courses I teach at various locations around the Essex area. After helping many people to improve their photography, we decided to combine our series of classroom photography courses into one distance learning photography course available to you, regardless of where you live. This course consists of … Read More

Landscape Photography Course


Course Description “ This Landscape Photography course is ideal if you would like to master the skills to create fantastic landscape images that have real impact and mood. – Steve Hedges LMPA. LRPS ” Video Lesson Descriptions Lesson 1: LENS SHUTTER AND APERTURE This lesson will show you how to use focal length creatively. How to use a wide angle … Read More

Nature Photography Course

Course Description “ This photography course will show you how to photograph the natural world’s wildlife, both big and small. There is a lesson on wildlife photography which looks at both the technical aspects of wildlife photography such as correct exposure and focus as well as the artistic side of photography. How to use light and colour as well as … Read More

Artificial Light Photography

Course Description “ This lesson looks at how to use artificial light from both a continuous light source and a short duration light source such as a flash unit. We will cover how to get the best out of your portable flash unit that’s built into the camera and the more powerful and flexible unit that sits on top of … Read More

Digital Editing Course

Course Description “ The first part of this course will focus on the full Adobe Photoshop program. The second part covers the important parts of Lightroom. There is also a series of PDF notes with step-by-step instructions geared towards the Adobe Elements program. All the images used in the tutorials will also be supplied with this course so you can … Read More